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This training, through lectures and extensive hands-on workshops, teaches about the basics of XML: its syntax, how to use a XML document as an object tree, how to apply a content model to an XML document, and how to use XML style sheets to transform a document.


  • Familiarizing and understanding the Document Object Model (DOM) to represent XML documents.


  • Prior knowledge in any of the following is best preferred: Software Programming; General Internet/Web development, Document Processing; Markup languages (including SGML), Data processing.
  • If JavaScript or VBScript are known it is also helpful but not required.
  • Experience on some specific HTML or application development is helpful but not required.


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  • 1. XPath Expressions
    • Document order in XPath
    • The context node
    • The current node
    • Context size
    • Proximity position
    • Location paths
    • Expressions
    • The axis
    • The node test
    • The predicate
    • Abbreviations
  • 2. XPath Functions
    • XPath function library
    • Node-set core function group
    • String core function group
    • Boolean core function group
    • Number core function group