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This training improves the skills and knowledge of developers who use Ant as an automated build tool.


Ant training teaches developers the skills and knowledge that they need to use Ant as an automated build tool.

Ant training course begins with an overview of an automated build concepts and motivations. It then moves into a discussion about Ant as a build tool in terms of its architecture implementation and operations.

With the foundation it laid the course and then examines how to setup an Ant build. XML file externalize build configuration information through properties files and then define and execute tasks. Working with the Ant course concludes with a discussion of common Ant tasks like continuous integration tasks, packaging tasks etc.


At the end of the Ant training, the participants will be able to:

  • Describe the differences between Ant and the other build tools like Maven and Make
  • Create a basic build.xml file from scratch
  • Work with embedded properties and external properties using properties files
  • Integrate ANT with there IDE
  • Modify the build file to execute the common tasks, like unit tests, jar, etc.
  • Modify the build file to integrate the build process with a version control system like SVN
  • Describe the capabilities of extending ANT through custom tasks

Duration - 3 Days

Engineers and Developers work on projects that use Ant as an automated build tool




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  • 1. Introduction to Ant
    • What is Ant?
    • How did we get here?
    • Ant v. Make v. Maven v. Ivy
  • 2. Installing Ant
    • System Requirements
    • Getting the Software
    • Installing the software
    • Dealing with the Library dependencies
    • You got it on different platforms
  • 3. Building "Hello World" with Ant
    • A simple "Hello World" Java application
    • A quick build file
    • Command line options
    • Environment variables and system properties
  • 4. Ant concepts and terminologies
    • Projects
    • Targets
    • Properties
    • Working with built-in properties
    • Adding polish to 'quick and dirty' build file
  • 5. Working with Ant
    • Filters
    • Pathing
    • References
    • Logging
  • 6. Ant Tasks
    • Archive Tasks
    • File Tasks
    • Compile Tasks
    • Execution Tasks
    • Properties Tasks
  • 7. Integrating ANT into your IDE
  • 8. Automating your build and testing through Ant tasks
    • Testing Tasks
    • ANT and continuous integration servers
    • Archiving Tasks
    • Deployment tasks
    • Integrating Ant with a version control system
  • 9. Creating Custom Ant tasks