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This training of Git & GitHub consists of concepts like Branches, Design and Git work flow with the use of Git Command Line, GitHub Desktop and SourceTree.


  • To understand and apply various Git commands
  • To explore Git with tools like GitHub Desktop and SourceTree
  • To apply various designing and work flow techniques using Command line
  • To use commands and tools for reviews
  • To implement Git flow designs in SourceTree
  • To apply work flow using GitHub Desktop


  • Knowledge of Microsoft Windows GUI and Windows Command line.


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  • 1. Introduction to Git
    • Defining version control/revision control system (VCS)
    • The Features, Benefits & Drawbacks of VCS
    • Different types of VCS
    • A general overview of Centralized VCS
    • Introduction to Git-Distributed Version control system
  • 2. Git Installation and Setup
    • Installation process of Git on Windows/Mac/Linux/Unix, Configuration of Git
    • Why command line for this course
    • Walk-through of the command line basics
    • Life-cycle of Git file
    • Walk through of GitHub, Creating Git repository- Local repository and configuring to GitHub
    • Creating the repository on GitHub and cloning on local
    • Understanding the basic git commands- git add, rm, commit, push, clone, init, Ignoring files, Command shortcuts
    • Revisiting the file life cycle with understanding the internals of Git.
  • 3. Working with Remote repositories
    • Understanding Git buzzwords- Head, Master, Dev/Feature branch, Clone, Push, Collaborator, Remote
    • Configuring remote repo on GitHub
    • Working with remote repository- Adding remote repo, Renaming remote repo, Deleting remote repo, Configuring remote repositories
    • Understanding Git pull, fetch commands and use cases
    • Forking and pull requests in GitHub- Origin, Upstream and Downstream.
  • 4. Branching and Merging in Git
    • Introduction to branching
    • Branching in Git & Different types of branches
    • Switching between branches and different commits
    • How internally Git manages the branches
    • Merging strategies- Regular merging, Fast forward commits, Rebase
    • Difference between Merging and Rebase commands
    • Deleting the branches- Safe delete after merge, Force delete
    • Tagging in Git- Different types of tags
    • Creating & deleting tags
    • Difference between branching and tagging and Stashing in Git.
  • 5. Git workflows
    • Different types of workflows
    • Git in real-time open source projects
    • Working with Git in Eclipse–IDE
    • Walk-through of the commands
    • Conclusion and QA.
  • 6. Git plugins with IDE ( Eclipse )
    • Installing Ecplise IDE and configuring Git plugin
    • Working with Git commands from IDE
    • Exploring GitHub UI options
    • Conclusion and QA.