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This course is designed to impart the required knowledge on the tools and frameworks in order to adopt test driving JavaScript applications.


At the end of this Jasmine training, the participants will be able to:

  • Use Jasmine.js for writing specifications
  • Use Jasmine Spies for Mocking
  • Use Karma for running the tests on different browsers
  • Configure and perform continuous integration using Grunt.js
  • Maintain client-side dependencies using Bower.js or Browserify.js

Preferred Audience

Web developer who wants to use complex JavaScript applications

Total Duration - 2 Days


Need to have

  • Experience in Web development along with HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Good To Have

  • Exposure to any server technology (J2EE, .NET, Ruby etc)


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  • 1. Test Goals
    • Boundary conditions
    • Check Inverse Relationships
    • Cross Checking Results
    • Force Error Conditions
    • Performance Characteristics
  • 2. Jasmine.js
    • Understanding Jasmine.js
    • Writing specifications in Jasmine.js
    • Learning built-in matchers
    • Covering before and after
  • 3. Advanced
    • Using Spy for Mocking
    • Nesting describe blocks
    • Writing Custom Matchers
    • Asynchronous support using *runs*
    • Testing UI using Jasmine.js
    • Jasmine jQuery Helpers
  • 4. Continuous Integration
    • Introduction to Grunt.js
    • Overview of Grunt tasks
    • Creating and configuring a CI workflow using Grunt.js
  • 5. Other
    • Use Karma for browser testing
    • Client-side dependency management using Bower.js