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  • This course is intended for those with a working knowledge of XML and to build XML applications or components using the Java language.
  • Use of Java's XML processing APIs (JAXP) – transformations using XSLT,
  • This course also covers the newer Java API for XML Binding, or JAXB.


  • Prior experience in Java Programming, including object-oriented Java and the Java streams model, is essential.
  • Basic understanding of XML is required.
  • XML Schema is used peripherally in the course, and knowledge of this technology will be helpful, but is not mandatory.


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  • 1. Java API for XML Processing (JAXP)
    • Parsing XML
    • SAX and DOM
    • JAXP
    • Parser Factories
    • Pluggable Parsers
    • Parser Features and Properties
  • 2. Using the JAXP for Transformations
    • XPath, XSLT and Java
    • The Transformer Class
    • The TransformerFactory Class
    • Sources and Results
    • Identity Transformations
    • Creating Transformations from Stylesheets
    • Template Parameters
    • Output Methods and Properties
    • Evaluating XPath Expressions
  • 3. The Java API for XML Binding (JAXB)
    • The Need for Data Binding
    • XML Schema
    • Two Paths
    • JAXB Compilation
    • Mapping Schema Types to Java
    • Java-to-XML Mapping Using Annotations
    • Marshaling and Unmarshaling
    • Working with JAXB Object Models