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This course introduces a better tool to implement an application as part of a portal framework rather than as a standalone web application.


  • Increases fluency towards Liferay Portal administration, Plug-in development along with System administration for extension development
  • Helps in building expertise based on technologies like Java, J2EE, Struts etc
  • Ease the way to learn finest practices of administration for successful deployment
  • Offer hands on approach as to learn more about the materials with the help of web portals


  • Experience in development using Java and Servlets.


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  • 1. Introduction
    • Introduction to Liferay
    • Introduction to Plugins
    • Installation of Liferay Developer Studio
    • Setting up a Liferay bundle
  • 2. Developing Portlet Plugins
    • Introduction to Portlets
    • Java Standard Portlets
    • Inter-Portlet Communication
    • Portlets and Web Application Frameworks
    • MVC Portlets
    • Design Approach
    • Service Builder
    • Liferay Search Container
    • Portlet Permissions
    • Feedback, Validation and Localization
    • Control Panel Portlets
  • 3. Developing Theme and Layout Template Plugins
    • Liferay Theme Overview and Exercise
    • Liferay Layout Template Overview and Exercise
    • Advanced Theme, Layout Topics, and Best Practices
  • 4. Developing Hook Plugins
    • Customizing Properties
    • Addition of a Post Login Action
    • Customization of Language Keys
    • Customization of Core Liferay JSPs
  • 5. Developing EXT Plugins
    • EXT Plugin Overview
    • Extending he User Management
    • Overriding Struts Actions
  • 6. Advanced Topics
    • Using Liferay's Web Services
    • Spring in Liferay
    • Development Strategy